Jiten Thakkar is not only a great digital marketing specialist but also a very skilled speaker. He can help you get the impact you need your event to have on your audience. Mr. Thakkar is an expert in different speeches mainly on the subject matter of Digital Marketing, Sales & Branding. He has the right attitude and the best strategies to attract the interest of a wide audience from the very first sentence.

Many people have issues with keeping their audience engaged at an event, this is why hiring a professional speaker can definitely help your event to boost just the way you want it to. Working with an expert speaker such as Jiten Thakkar will help you promote your services and products as well as your concepts and brand awareness. Public speaking is not easy but with Mr. Jiten Thakkar, it can become a lot easier and more achievable.

You can use Mr. Thakkar’s services for public speaking at events such as Digital Marketing or Sales speech for colleges, different institutes but also seminars and other events. Mr. Thakkar will adapt his skills in a professional way to match all the criteria of your event and make it an outstanding one. Open talking is a delicate aptitude that requires amazing relational abilities, eagerness, and the capacity to draw in with a group of people. Open speakers make share their knowledge and experience to a gathering. They also create the right interest on the specific topic that would bring value to the audience. Digital Marketing Introductions run from addressing a little gathering of workers to exhibiting to a huge crowd at a national meeting or occasion. The equivalent range of abilities and capacity to be open to talking out in the open are required paying little mind to the size of the gathering.

The craft of open talking becomes possibly the most important factor not just in the conveyance of addresses and open talks, yet additionally in proficient introductions, preparing occasions, and persuasive talking. Jiten Thakkar could be performing such an impressive speech as a part of your event without you having to worry about any aspect of it. A dull speaker can cause a strong item or proposition to appear as not exactly luring, while a perfect speaker can add charm to a generally unremarkable recommendation. This is why you need an expert like Jiten Thakkar to take care of such important tasks. Most expert level jobs require some measure of open addressing complete capacities like introducing discoveries, pitching proposition, preparing junior staff, and driving gatherings for their skill development in Digital Marketing or motivating them for sales.

Jiten Thakkar has all the needed skills to be the best speaker for any type of event, being it in the educational or business team building and even more formal such as an institution event. He has a clear articulation, impeccable presence, great presentation skills. Mr. Thakkar will also captivate the audience in a way that keeps them interested to hear not only the entire speech but also the rest of the event. If there is a need for a PowerPoint presentation, this is no problem either. Jiten Thakkar can offer to your audience such a presentation and in a very professional way!

Contact Jiten Thakkar anytime you need a specialist in public speaking at event on the subject of Digital Marketing, Sales Or Branding in order to make your event outstanding and very professional. Your audience will be impressed and a lot more engaged in entire event so you can get your message across easier and more clear!

“ It would be my pleasure to share whatever I have learned through research and experience about digital marketing, SEO, Social Media, Paid campaigns, Inbound Sales Strategies or Corporate Branding. ” – Jiten Thakkar