There’s really no limit to what you’re going to accomplish and the way you are going to make money through digital marketing with merely a computer and Internet connectivity. Whether you are a well-established business, startup or an individual, Digital marketing skills are absolutely essential to turnaround any business into a profitable one.

It is not just entrepreneurs who need Digital chops in marketing. Through an adequate digital marketing strategy, you can become an asset to any organisation that too within a short period of time. And this is where digital marketing consulting can add tremendous benefit for you and your business.

As a digital marketing & sales veteran with more than 12 years of digital domain experience, Jiten Thakkar will add immense value to your company by understanding the latest trends and strategies in marketing your business online. With only a few sessions you’ll acquire the knowledge to achieve success in this highly competitive digital environment. Your Brand can be the most recognised brand if you apply the right marketing methods.

Wondering why digital marketing consulting is still vitally important to your Brand? The answer is pretty simple –

You are an expert in engineering, manufacturing, marketing or other business-related activities and you know the process, tools & best techniques to achieve success likewise Jiten has the required experience in digital marketing and promotion of digital sales that will help to promote your business digitally and help you and your business achieve the desired value in this digital space.

So whether you are an Individual looking to choose Digital marketing as a profession or A Business Owner looking to get the best outcome from your marketing budgets. Jiten Thakkar can help you grow your brand and business with his customized & tailor-made Digital marketing strategies and consultation which are just a perfect fit for you.

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Individual consultation
5000 / 60 minutes
Digital Marketing is an art, and it requires both knowledge and talent. If you have time and are willing to learn, Jiten Thakkar can help you explore digital marketing concepts & consult you with ways you can choose it as a career option, a perfect roadmap to getting in the domain, and aim to help you become a successful Digital marketer. Digital marketing has various modules & its a choice to make whether you want to learn it fully or get advance knowledge in specific modules. Learn what learning pattern is the best fit for you & inline with your future goals by his career consulting
Business consultation
11000 / 60 minutes
Every business wants to have a competitive edge over others and thereby they are applying all the techniques to promote their business online but everyone may not have the right expertise in getting their business virtually active. And with his expertise in this domain of digital marketing Jiten can formulate the best strategies right from scratch from getting your business online to acquiring the prominent position in this digital space that your brand deserves. He can also review your existing digital marketing campaign and find loopholes with a strategic plan to fix them up.