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The world has transformed up to a great extent and has revolutionized into a global village where technology has taken over all the dimensions of our lives. In the same regard, digital marketing is that aspect of technology which tends to offer access to our voice all over the world within a matter of minutes or even seconds. It is such a powerful mechanism that whether you are an individual or a business owner, digital marketing enables to boost up your productivity ever so significantly.

However, not a lot of people are aware of the outs and abouts of digital marketing and even those who have a grasp of the concept unable to implement it in an appropriate fashion. For the same purpose, Jiten Thakkar is the name who is a pioneer in the digital marketing sector and inculcates rest of such knowledge base in you which helps you get the job done seamlessly. He was born on 20th July 1989 in Mumbai, India & completed his graduation from the Mumbai University. After working in various verticals he found his passion for digital marketing.

Jiten has proven experience of over 12 years in the practical niche of digital marketing and over the years, his successful achievements are the evidence of his capability. Apart from digital marketing, Jiten Thakkar has well-diversified exposure in traits like consultancy, public speaking, inbound marketing and branding as well. We know that someone’s hobbies tell a lot about that individual. He has creative hobbies as well, that give a clue into his complexity. He likes food and knows how to appreciate different cuisines with a fine taste. His passion for food goes along with the one for travelling and sharing his discoveries with others.

He knows how to appreciate the beauty of each culture and explore it to its core. In terms of digital marketing, Jiten Thakkar is an expert in all its fields and has a fine skill on sales closure which is also one of the most difficult aspects in marketing!

Currently, Jiten Thakkar has come up to launch an eBook on digital marketing in which he has penned down entire of such strategies, tactics and updated techniques which can help sharpen your digital marketing abilities. So, if you are the one wants to polish themselves in the digital marketing prospect, do not only follow and seek learning from Jiten Thakkar, but also have a read of digital marketing eBook available on Amazon for optimal information & analysis. For more information or help, simply reach us out and we will get back to you as soon as possible!


My 12 years of experience in the practical niche of digital marketing has evolved my learning into passion and have given me the knowledge on marketing tools that allow you to create, measure and optimize your sales funnels in near real time. Digital Marketing Consulting can help you generate more revenue, and this is HOW I DID IT

  • Increased knowledge on latest digital marketing trends
  • Applied SEO, SEM ,SMM for many clients
  • Implemented and measured the working of digital marketing tools

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