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I am Jiten Thakkar a professional Digital Marketing Consultant

Digital Marketing Consultant

Jiten Thakkar is an expert in marketing with over a decade of experience in this fascinating field and is recognised as one of the top digital marketing consultants. His strategic marketing approach in providing social media strategy, google my business services, link building strategies, call to action plans, local SEO services has proved highly efficient and very successful for businesses year after year. He became a role model for others who aspire to achieve this knowledge and accomplishment and be the recognised digital marketing strategy consultant.
Jiten Thakkar is from the beautiful metro city of Mumbai, India, and he has a solid digital marketing experience of 14 years. His knowledge and experience in this sector are the reason behind the success of a digital marketing consultancy in Mumbai, the service that he provides to help businesses achieve success and place their brands in the digital world. There is no doubt that all of this is feasible due to his unwavering commitment to the industry and his relentless efforts in helping businesses to make a positive impression online. Jiten Thakkar has a sharp eye for marketing and branding, and he’s used social media marketing tools and techniques that have to build his brand image and establish a strong reputation, earning him a spot as one of the top social media consultants as well.

Jiten has emerged as a significant influence on social media as an expert in the digital world. He has produced many ripples in the tranquil waters of social media. His passion has allowed him to carve out a position for himself as India’s leading digital marketing guru. Jiten Thakkar enjoys travelling, trying new foods, and analysing people’s behaviour, in addition to his professional success as a digital marketing consultant in Mumbai. Because his hobbies all merge to form a combination that allows for personal growth and self-discovery, he is also very dedicated to his profession.

Jiten Thakkar’s industry knowledge and passion have wowed the other marketing firms and other known social media specialists. A digital marketer turned entrepreneur is the founder of Local Forever, which is the one-stop solution that helps businesses to get offline to online by providing marketing services, promoting brands, and ultimately helping local businesses, as well as individuals, establish their online presence along with attaining desired results in a limited time.

His way of working distinguishes him from other top digital marketing consultants. Many influential people and companies abroad agree and follow in

his footsteps. He uses trending tools and techniques for a successful digital marketing campaign. This digital marketing strategy consultant helps brands position themselves in all search engines and generate trust in the market, making him the local SEO expert.

Being a top digital marketing consultant in Mumbai, he guides people to promote their business using various platforms. He suggests advanced tactics that social media marketing companies would recommend for your business to attain long term success. Traditional SEO is now not a reliable process. Non-data-driven positioning in Google creates doubts in people’s minds. Jiten Thakkar helps clients create a valid image in the digital era with his online platform Local Forever.

Jiten Thakkar provides businesses and individuals with proper online recognition and good results, allowing them to stay one step ahead of their competitors.

He is a fully customer-oriented and certified SEO specialist with a mission to give wings to your dreams and ideas. To build up your trust with the client, he offers services that not only keep up the client’s online presence but ensure a good ROI. 

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To convey any message reaching out to your audience is of utmost importance. I can help you with the latest technique to reach out to masses.


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Conveying the right message to the targeted audience can lead to proper sales conversions. I will apply my expertise to get the target audience for your business with various digital marketing tools.


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Web traffic is good, but converting customers are better. Learn how to properly analyze, test and optimize your website content to get more conversions and fewer bounces hiring me as an online marketing consultant.


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Ultimately Digital Marketing Consulting can help you increase tremendous revenue from your business.



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